7 Famous Sherpas

Climbing famous mountains is a good way to get your name known. Whether you are climbing one for the first time, taking a new route or just following in others footsteps, reaching the summit of a massive mountain is an incredible achievement. While the names of climbers such as Edmund Hilary and Reinhold Messner are well known throughout the world of adventurists, the local guides who helped men like these are often lost. Here’s a list of 7 famous Sherpas who deserve to be honored for their climbing achievements.

Tenzing Norgay
If there is one sherpa that’s famous enough to be a household name it’s Tenzing Norgay. He is a Nepalese Indian Sherpa who accompanied Sir Edmund Hilary to be the first people to summit the largest peak on the planet, Mount Everest. Not only does Tenzing have a statue built after himself, but he was also named one of Time Magazines top 100 most influential people of the 20th century. While Norgay may have only spent 15 minutes at the summit of Everest on his first attempt, his name has been burned into Sherpa history forever.

Apa Sherpa
Also known as the ‘Super Sherpa’ this Nepalese mountaineer currently holds the world record for the most ascents of Mt. Everest. He has climbed the world’s largest mountain 21 times which is a feat that most people can’t even comprehend. Apa was born in Thame, Nepal a village near the base of the world famous mountain. Now, he and his family currently live in Utah of the United States.

Lakpa Gelu
Lakpa is another Nepalese Sherpa who was born in the region of Solukhumbu. He’s best known for holding the previous world record of the fastest Mt. Everest summit. On his tenth ascent of the notorious mountain he managed to reach the top in only 10 hours, 55 minutes and 46 seconds. He’s summited a number of the highest peaks in the Himalayas and also currently resides in Utah of the Unites States.

Pemba Dorjie
In 2004 a Nepalese Sherpa by the name of Pemba Dorjie broke Lakpa Gelu’s world record for the fastest ascent of Mt. Everest. Pemba managed to reach the top in a mere 8 hours and 10 minutes. He still currently holds the world record and many mountaineers consider it to be one of the most incredible mountain climbing achievements of all time.

Lakpa Tsheri & Sano Babu Sunuwar
These two Nepalese Sherpas were voted as the ‘People’s Choice Adventurers of 2012.’ In what it being known as the ‘Ultimate Descent’, these Sherpa friends partook in a 3-month journey that is so adventurous it almost doesn’t seem real. The duo not only climbed mount Everest, but paraglided down from the top. As if this wasn’t enough, when they landed they kayaked through Nepal and India until they reached the Indian Ocean.

Nima Chhamzi
A female Nepalese Sherpa, Nima Chhamzi is another mountaineer who should be better known in the world of mountain climbing. In May of 2012 and at the ripe age of just 16 years old she became the youngest person to ever reach the mighty summit of Mount Everest. Her father, Dendi, was a well known guide who had summited the mountain three times before and he accompanied her on the famous journey.

By Alex Vere Nicoll