7 Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

Restaurant gift cards, books, and DVDs are all well and good. But if you want to reward your friends and family members with gifts that will bring a smile to their face and lend Mother Earth a hand, then check out our list of eco-friendly items before you kick off this year’s holiday shopping spree (ranked by price).

Wine Bottle Cheese Tray
This serving accessory from Full Circle Arts is a great accessory for anyone who enjoys throwing dinner parties. Recycled wine bottles are fired in a kiln until they naturally flatten; after they have cooled, the ‘trays’ are garnished with raffia and fake grapes. This product is available starting at $20.

iBamboo Speaker
Environmentalists have touted the many uses of bamboo for years ― though it’s doubtful anyone expected the resilient grass would serve this type of purpose. The iBamboo is a compatible with all iPod and iPhone devices; simply place the device in the central slot, and enjoy the natural reverberations produced by the hollow chutes (not to mention a lower energy bill). This product is available starting at $25.

Stoneware Compost Container
Foul odor is an inherent problem when it comes to composting. Thanks to this container’s airtight seal, you can compost up to 1.75 gallons of decomposing foodstuffs without seriously funking up the area around your kitchen sink. This product is available starting at $100.

Electricity Bike Messenger
First World Trash offers a wide range of products ― from wine satchels and beach totes to laptop sleeves and luggage tags ― with one common factor: they’re all made from 100-percent recycled materials. We chose the Electricity Bike Messenger because it’s roomy, stylish, durable, and lightweight. It’s also considerably more comfortable than other models, thanks to the adjustable strap that’s actually a former seat belt, complete with a fastening buckle. This product is available starting at $160.

Portable solar chargers are not new, but the Solarroll takes this innovation to a new level. The item is rendered from durable fluoropolymers, and its thin shape allows users to roll it up and transport it anywhere in a compact storage tube. The charger is available in two wattage levels (9 and 14) to accommodate a wide range of devices. This product is available starting at $435.

If you have a friend or relative with lawncare needs, this fully automatic lawnmower wastes much less energy and emits fewer pollutants than its gas-powered counterparts. Plus, it disperses grass trimmings throughout the lawn during the mowing process; these trimmings act as a mulching agent, and the result is greener, healthier grass. Robomow comes in four different sizes to accommodate lawns between 250 and 2,000 square meters in area. This product is available starting at €899 ($1,291).

Ecosmart Fire STIX
This nifty alternative fireplace from designer Hiroshi Tsunoda is the perfect addition for next summer’s backyard barbecues. The “sticks” are made from hollow stainless steel, the 2.5-liter burner is powered by environmentally friendly bioethanol, and the flames will last for up to eight hours. This product is available starting at $1,495.