7 Adventures To Do in 2014

While the average Joe can buy tickets to a concert, or tailgate at your local football game, it takes creativity and guts to go do and see something different. While some of these adventures require more planning than others, all of them deserve to be considered for this year’s bucket list. Connect with nature, disconnect with your beer belly and get at least a t-shirt tan this year. Here is a list of adventures that are outside of the box, and will hopefully serve to shake things up.

Wine Tasting and Bike Tour, Sonoma
While this may seem like a lazy man’s adventure, don’t be fooled so easily. The Sonoma countryside is a beautiful landscape of large hills and expansive fields. The terrain is perfect for a bike ride, and the bike tour from winery to winery is picturesque and can be strenuous, depending on how far you want to go. This adventure is family friendly, and can be a great way to get a tan, amaze your inner amateur sommelier and get a little sweaty.

Colbert’s Coulior, Jackson Hole
One of the most epic and well-known ski runs in America, this is a place every skier should experience. While the run itself may prove more challenging than the average skier would like to take on, it is worth it to sit there and watch the brave who do. The vertical drop is breathtaking and the view is enough to excite anyone with a true love of skiing.

Ice Climbing, Colorado
The beauty of the snowcapped mountains of Colorado can be witnessed not only by skiers, but also by fearless ice climbers. Sunshine and Boulder canyons outside of Boulder are fabulous places to practice the delicate and yet rugged art of ice climbing. Blessed with almost daily bluebird skies, Colorado is a beautiful place to be in the winter. The view from an icy peak on top of a canyon is one that will always be remembered. Not to mention the victorious feeling of not dying at the hands of an icy peak.

Scuba Dive, Anywhere
Even if you live in a land-locked state, there are always, surprisingly enough, places to scuba dive. Whether it is a private club or a program in your area, you can basically do it anywhere. In fact it is actually beneficial to learn in a safe and secure area, before trying the real thing. It is a skill that takes a couple practice runs, some formal training, and then you are licensed and ready to hit the open waters and treasure chests of your future.

Rafting, The Poudre Canyon
While there are many places to raft in the US, the Poudre River in Colorado is a beautiful natural flowing river. The views of the canyon surrounding the river are majestic, and the river itself can be a very challenging and tricky course. While it is a popular spot for all levels of white river rafting, it is recommended for the intermediate rafter and skilled swimmer. The water moves especially quickly in the Spring due to the mountain run-off and therefore is considered terrain for the expert.

Camp Big Sur
There are a lot of things to do while visiting Big Sur. Depending on the conditions, Big Sur is a fantastic place to surf, both for first timers and the seasoned surfer. There are places to go to for family friendly surfing and then places for the extreme. The real adventure though, is camping on the beach, or in the woodlands nearby. The views are spectacular and the adventure of camping and being ready for all that Big Sur has to offer is the real prize.