6 Wilderness Survival Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

When it comes to survival, there is little room for error. Average Joes can easily find themselves in harrowing situations, but you don’t need to be Bear Grylls to grit those teeth and get through it. It’s important for everyone to have a skill set when it comes to emergency situations, and using common sense will help you avoid mistakes. Here are 6 things you shouldn’t do when it comes to wilderness survival.

Don’t Put Off the Opportunity to Learn
Prepare yourself the best way possible – by educating yourself! Most people have no idea what to do when it comes to a survival scenario. Also, avoid the old “it won’t happen to me” type of thinking now. Learn the basics and do your research to develop a basic skill set such as how to start a fire or build a shelter.

Don’t Leave Planning for an Emergency
A fun, innocent fishing trip can suddenly turn into a disaster, and now you are in survival mode. Don’t underestimate the risk of a situation, have an emergency plan and kit ready to go no matter what the activity may be.

Don’t Forget to Dress Appropriately
Always wear an extra layer for warmth, just in case. You can always shed layers if needed, but it’s a good idea to have ample clothing.  Also, stay away from cotton fabric and opt for material that retains warmth.

Don’t Put Finding Water on the Back Burner
Dehydration will kill you in two to three days and contaminated water will lead to sickness and further dehydration. Seek out a water source and use proper purification methods: boiling, chemical tablets, etc. for safe consumption. Don’t know how to apply these methods? Refer back to tip number one!

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Fire
If you take one thing from this – learn to make a fire. It’s a source of warmth, purification for food and water, it offers protection from dangerous critters and it serves as the perfect signal for rescue.

Most Importantly, Don’t Panic
Whatever you do, don’t panic. Sure, easier said than done, especially when you find yourself in a life or death situation, but heightened stress drains vital energy and only hurts rather than helps. Calm yourself down, stop what you’re doing, take some deep breaths, and assess the scenario.