6 Ways to get a Jump on Your Ski Season Prep

Every year after that first run, you say you’ll be better prepared next year. Every year you put it off. Here are a few ways to get a jump on your prep.

Remember the Burn
Work those thighs. You know they hurt last year; heck they hurt every year. Ride a bike, be it at the gym or on the trail and ride until you feel that thigh burn. Squats are good too and you don’t have to be at the gym to do them. A good motto is, “if it hurts now, it’ll hurt less on the hill.”

Core Responsibilities
The thinking used to be work the thighs and calves. Nowadays, core-building is considered as important. Building your core not only supports the rest of your body, your balance is greatly improved with a stronger core. Balance being somewhat important on the slopes, this has become as, if not more, important as those bulging thighs.

Get the Gear
No matter what shape you are in, if those boards are shot, so are your chances. In Denver the Labor Day weekend kicks off the biggest sales of the year. Between Sports Authority’s, “Sniagrab,” and Colorado Ski and Golf’s, “Trex” sales you should be able to find a screaming deal. Both sales feature last year’s models at greatly reduced prices. Of course, “Greatly Reduced” is still highly expensive but there are also ski swaps such as at Larson Sports and others where used gear is a consideration.

This may be hard to do- getting acclimated to the cold during the dog days of summer- but you may try spending time in the walk-in vegetable coolers at your local big-box store. You could also just stand in front of an open door at your local grocers’ ice-cream cooler, but they do frown on that after a time. Of course, this doesn’t work any better than sitting in the sauna at the gym before a trip to the Caribbean, but it might get your mind around what you face.

Extra Extra
As the skiing crowd grows older, the accessories become more necessary. While most sporting goods stores stock the disposable hand and feet warmers right by the sales register, Costco and other big box store sell them by the case. This not only shows their popularity, it makes easier and more affordable for everyone to always have them on hand. So unless you are one of the skiers who has electric boots, electric jackets, electric pants and who-knows-what-else imbedded with warmers, now is the time to stock up.

Drive Prep
If you live on the Front Range of Colorado, you may want to get ready for the ski-commutes you’re about to face.  Try driving from Downtown to Castle Rock at around 5 PM any day during the work week to loosen up. This still isn’t as bad as I-70 on a Sunday heading from Summit County to Denver, but you do want to ease slowly into any activity, or risk popping a vein.

by Michael Ryan