6 Ways To Build a Fire in the Wild

If there is anything that goes well with a solid camping experience it is a great campfire. To come unprepared to the campsite without adequate gear or knowledge would disrespect the caveman before you. So here for you today, are 6 methods to build that quintessential campfire. But remember, no matter the method, the first step is collecting wood:

Fire by Torch
Not for the faint of heart, this method shouldn’t give you much trouble if you’re aiming at anything flammable. Some may call it easy, others might say efficient. Whichever thought you choose, this portable flamethrower will get the job done.

Fire by Match
The oldest frontiersman would say butane lighters have made us soft campers. Prove that differently by imploring the one-match light. This method is more in the prep time, so that when that sulfur flame is glowing, you are ready to go.

Fire by Magnifying Glass
Watch out science geeks, this one is for you. Got a spare magnifying glass? If so, think back to childhood and playing laser tag with anthills and aim that concentrated light towards some kindling.

Fire by Flint Stick
Flint sticks don’t get wet, they pack light, and last longer than any butane lighter out there. Stay in with flint and never spend a cold night out again. Start to understand the concept and next time you camp by some limestone you might get some ideas.

Fire by Friction
Put on your survivalist pants, this method will make you earn your fire. Lost on a deserted island with no flint stick, magnifying glass, or camping torch? If you have the fire by friction method down you’ll have no problem staying stranded.

Swiss Fire (or Swedish Fire)
Put your style pants on. It may not be the most practical of all fire building methods, but it does look cool. Give this one some practice and show it off at your next BBQ, car camping trip, or everyday out on the trail.