6 Reasons to Attend the Lyons, Colorado Outdoor Games

For the second year in a row Lyons, Colorado put on one hell of an event with its Lyons Outdoor Games. Unlike many festivals or events that may only feature a specific sport or theme, this kickass crowd pleaser had it all; including beer, food, fireworks, a 5k, rugby matches, and much more. Read on for why you and all of your outdoorsy friends should attend next year…and the year after that…and the year after that.

Fun for Fido
As one of the most dog friendly events you’ll ever attend, the Outdoor Games offer the K9 Speed Retrieve  and K9 Cannonball. Not to mention, you can bring your hound along to the beer fest and all of the sporting events.

Run, Bike, Beer
Much like a triathlon, only not nearly as punishing, the Outdoor Games offer you the opportunity to earn your beverages by running a 5k around the beautiful, sleepy little town. Don’t feel like you burned enough calories? We highly encourage you to bring you bikes and ride around this bike-friendly town to each of the events, including the Oskar Blues Burning Can Beer Festival. Hosted by Lyons own local brewery, this event is virtually a Beer Valhalla featuring brews from all over Colorado and some out of state guest stars.

And it Ain’t Bad to Look at Neither
Lyons, Colorado is simply gorgeous! Rolling hills and mesas surround the event grounds. Wide open fields, hiking, and mountainbike trails can be found nearby and in abundance. So when you visit for the Outdoor Games, you’ll not only see some great sportsmanship but some spectacular scenery as well.

Music, Fireworks, and Shirtless Men-Oh My!
This year the “after party” for this three day event was music by local bands and DJs in Bohn Park. Dancing, barefoot, under the Colorado night sky is not too shabby a way to spend your evening. Not to mention, for you ladies, droves of fit and primarily shirtless men can be found. Whether they’re dancing, participating in the games, or just throwing back some beer, they’re still lookin’ good. For you men, yeah…we Colorado gals are pretty cute too. So, at the end of the evening, be to snuggle up to a cutie and watch the spectacular fireworks. 

Feed Your Face
Beer pretzels, Philly Cheesesteak, Gyros, and hotdogs. Local restaurants come together at the Outdoor Games to make sure that you’re well-fed for the dancin’ and playing. 

For the Love of the Game
If you’re a sportsman or sportswoman, the fly-fishing competitions, kayaking craziness, and dirt bike tricks are sure to thrill. Watch kayakers attempt flips and barrel rolls in raging rapids and check out some sweet jumps from the bikers. Even if you don’t participate in these sports yourself, just watching these top athletes compete and do what they love is sure to inspire.