6 Nordic Hut to Hut Trips of North America

A back-country, hut to hut ski trip is a great way to experience nature during a season that most people are indoors. While sleeping in a tent during the dead of winter might not sound fun (depending on who you are), these hut to hut trips come equipped with heated huts that are comfortable, but still give the experience of sleeping in the wilderness. While Nordic trek expeditions originated in Europe they have migrated to the North America, where there is plenty of snow and fantastic terrain to support them. Here is a list of 6 hut to hut trips throughout North America that should be high on your list of things to do this winter.

Boundary Waters (Minnesota)

What is considered to be one of the most established hut to hut trails in the United States, the Banadad Trail is a cross-country trek through some seriously remote wilderness. Huts are scattered across the 132 miles of interconnected trails that meander through the frozen wilderness, so there are plenty of places to stay away from anyone else.

Yosemite (California)

The famous California National Park of Yosemite is normally known for the iconic mountains of El Capitan, Half Dome and some of the other gorgeous summits of the Sierras. However, in winter there is adifferent crowd that emerges. The area between Glacier Point and Badger Pass has become increasingly popular with cross-country skiers and hut to hut trips have developed to fill the demand. The views are out of this world and staying in the Glacier Point Ski Hut is far from roughing it in the woods!

 Green Mountains (Vermont)

The Catamount trail is an epic Nordic adventure spanning from the border of Canada down through the beautiful farmland of Vermont. The 300 mile trail is dotted with gorgeous and sleepy scenery with plenty of huts to spend the night along the way. While experiencing the outdoors in winter can sometimes take a toll on your mind, body and spirit, the accommodations along the way are guaranteed to heal them. Extreme comfort and luxury are just two of the best fit adjectives to describe these ‘huts.’

Rocky Mountains (Colorado)

The 10th Mountain Division was a unit of the United States infantry who trained in the mountains of Colorado in preparation for WWII. Along with mapping out the mountains in the area they also founded a number of the famous ski resorts. Located throughout those mountains the appropriately named 10th Mountain Division Huts make up a fabulous network of high altitude trails meandering through the Rockies.

North Woods (Maine)

Some people choose to do Nordic treks to experience nature during a different season. To appreciate fields of snow that look like a blank canvas and trees sprinkled with fresh white powder. Other people partake in a hut to hut journey not so much for the nature, but for a delicious and cozy meal in side of a log cabin after a long day of exercise. If you choose to take a Nordic trek in the North Woods of Maine it doesn’t matter which type of person your are, because the food is delicious, the cabins are cozy and the scenery is just about perfect!

Banff (British Colombia)

North American hut to hut trips definitely do not end with the United States. Canadian Nordic adventures are quite common and there are a number of superb locations to partake in one. In the Wapta Icefields of Banff in B.C. there are a number of fantastic trails, but be careful because these one’s aren’t for the feint of heart. Unlike their Southern neighbor, Canadian winters can get harsh far more quickly, and whiteout conditions are all too common on one of these Nordic routes. The views are worth the adventure, but this is not a walk in the park!

By Alex Vere Nicoll