6 Meteor Showers to Brighten up Your Nights

Fall is coming, bringing with it cloudless skies, cute boots and hot mugs of cider with good friends to keep you outside all day and night. Plenty of meteor showers are on the calendar, perfect for enjoying the changing seasons. Get a front seat to one of the best shows on the planet- here are 6 upcoming meteor showers to check out this year.

Also known as the Giacobinid meteor shower, this spectacular night time display is visible from October 6-10 with the peak around Oct. 8. The darker the sky the better and luckily this year the moon will be 3 days old during the peak, making for little moon light interference.

Brighten up your autumn nights with this excellent shower that peaks around October 21. It covers a large portion of the night sky, shooting up to 50-70 meteors per hour.

These guys will be raining from the heavens with best visibility from October 20- November 30, peaking around November 6. They are also known as Halloween fireballs since large meteors are spied towards the end of October.

The beautiful leonids meteors will peak on November 18 this year, but due to a full moon, will not be as visible. This shower sprinkles the earth with 12-13 tons of material every year.

This is a newer shower, and so each year it tends to get more and more intense. You can view this spectacle from December 7-17, peaking around the 14. These meteors move slow, making them easy to spot.

Keep your eyes peeled for a special Christmas gift from space, as this shower is visible December 17 to around December 26.