6 Manly Gifts from Wenger

Whether it’s a Christmas, birthday, or retirement gift, make sure to give the gift of Manliness to the special guy in your life. Rather than socks or a watch, we’re thinking something along the lines of sharpened steel, fashioned leather, and just generally anything that helps him be outdoorsy and prepared. Wenger offers 6, unique, quality gifts that are sure to endear any Dad, please any husband, and surprise even the pickiest of brothers. In fact, I even went a step further and wrote this article with my fishing, wood-working, father to ensure that they are Dad Approved.

650ml Wenger Drinking Bottle
This earth-friendly water bottle is perfect for the cyclist, backpacker, or climber in your life. Dish-washer safe and easily sealed, this sleek receptacle makes for a great stocking stuffer or thank-you gift.

Winter Lens Sport Glasses Set
These glasses claim to be “unbreakable, yet flexible” and would be an excellent gift for the fisherman in your life due to their polarized lenses that happen to be interchangeable.

Nomad LED Compass
Instead of your standard pretty Rolex or Bulova ( which are likely to cost you must more), buy your wilderness man a watch and compass all in one. It’s also been tested at up to 100m for water resistance, which means this watch can withstand a rainy hike or a river crossing.

Grand Maitre Santuko Knife with Granton Edge
Used for chopping, dicing, and mincing, this knife is perfect for all general use in your man’s kitchen. The Granton Edge prevents food from sticking to the blade so you’re no constantly removing your diced food before you can continue your strokes.

Chillion Trifold Wallet
This elegant and masculine wallet is trifold in design, genuine leather, and has six card slots.

EvoGrip 101 Swiss Army Knife
This is a sharp looking knife (no pun intended) that is virtually weightless at 4.4 onces and comes complete with scissors, pliers, and a wine keys (for when the shit really hits the fan in the wilderness and you’ve gotta apply your alcohol as anesthetic or just get rip-roaring drunk).

Expensive but overly impressive alternative: The Giant