6 Holidays You Have Never Heard Of

Holidays are some of the most looked forward to events that occur in a human’s life. Whether you truly believe in the reason for the holiday or are just excited not to go to work, these special days are almost always a ton of fun. While holidays differ from country to country they often circle around similar themes such as religion or politics. Here is a wild list of holidays that you more than likely never knew existed. Feel free to print this off and give it to your boss to show him the days you are going to need off next year!

World Penguin Day – April 25th

The funniest thing about World Penguin Day is that it isn’t the only holiday to celebrate these flightless birds. On January 20th is ‘Penguin Appreciation Day’ to appreciate these cold-weather birds that seem to be wearing a tuxedo. The biggest question about either of these penguin holidays is what exactly do you do to celebrate? The only logical answer is to dress up in a penguin suit and watch the ‘March of the Penguins’ movie by Morgan Freeman!



Nation Jelly Bean Day - April 22nd
You may notice that National Jelly Bean Day is exactly three days before World Penguin Day. I can’t draw any correlations between the two events except for that if you gave a penguin a Jelly Bean I would put my money on the fact that the penguin would eat it. Other than that there’s not much else to say about Jelly Bean day, you just eat them and think about how good they taste.


Hug a Cat Day - June 4th
Some people despise the often condescending nature of felines. If that person is you then this holiday is most definitely not going to be your favorite. Hug a cat day is a strange holiday designed to show affection for your beloved cats. Perhaps the popularity of ‘bring a dog to work day’ inspired this holiday to even the scales.




National Train Day – May 9th
Out of all of the holidays on this list I find this one to be the most appropriate. Trains are an amazing way to not only travel, but see the area that you are heading through. They are a much greener way to take a trip than driving or flying, but cheap flights seem to be slowly decreasing their favor among budget travelers. Celebrate the greatness of trains and spread the word as their superior form of transportation!


Squirrel Appreciation Day - January 21st
Squirrels are cute and nimble little creatures that inhabit the backyards of homeowners all over the world. While people often go to great lengths to view interesting wildlife the simple creatures living close to home sometimes go overlooked. Take a day to observe the fascinating animals right outside your front door on this quirky holiday.





Letter Writing Day - December 7th
When was the last time you wrote a hand written letter? Seriously think about it, odds are it’s been quite some time since you put pen to pad and scribed a letter to another person. Practice your handwriting skills for this interesting holiday and send a letter to someone instead of and email, text or phone call. For once in your life forget technology and go back to the old ways of the world!

National Hairball Awareness Day - The last Friday in April
Having a gross, uncomfortable and extremely annoying hairball stuck in your throat is the definition of an unpleasant experience. While this holiday may seem completely off the wall and strange, when you factor in how not fun hairballs are it’s actually a good idea to raise awareness! Believe it or not there are ways to prevent these nasty, little balls of fur, so read up and spread the word!

By Alex Vere Nicoll