6 Family Outdoors Activities for Thanksgiving

When the big turkey day rolls around each year, do you and your family members find yourselves anxiously pacing the house like ravenous wolves, driving the cooks crazy with your annoying whines of “is it ready yet?” Do them (and yourself) a favor and GET OUTSIDE! Here are 6 outdoors activities perfect for the entire family on Thanksgiving.

Sign up for a “Turkey Trot”
Many communities hold an annual Thanksgiving run or walk with proceeds benefiting a good cause- not to mention, it’s a great way to prepare your belly for the monstrous feast to come!

Not feeling the Turkey Trot? Then get the gang together for some hiking! It’s time to make the most of that fantastic fall weather and colorful foliage. Hit the trails and give thanks for the beauty of the land.

Pay it Forward
What better way to show thanks than offering your hand as a volunteer? While the big bird bakes at home, take the kids to a soup kitchen, church or community center and help feed those that may not have or can afford a Thanksgiving of their own.

Do it like the Pilgrims and Indians
Get the kids off those tablets and cell phones and outside for a little family time and a history lesson- reenact the first Thanksgiving! Not only is it a great way to spend time outdoors, it’s fun to use that imagination as well. Yea, you can tell the traditional story or…spice it up a bit. Set off a made-up battle or have the starving pilgrims search for food. It’s like telling a story and learning outdoor survival…

Go for a Drive
Sometimes you just gotta roll down those windows, turn up the jams and taking the road less traveled. Look up some scenic routes and set off for some exploration via automobile.

Hunt for the Perfect Centerpiece
When I was a youngin’ it was my duty to create the perfect centerpiece each Thanksgiving, and let me tell you, as a kid- it’s a great holiday honor that you take seriously. Get the kids out in nature searching for leaves, branches, pumpkins- anything creative that inspires and delights. Combine family forces to create a one of a kind Thanksgiving centerpiece built together!