6 Ciders to Spice up Your Life

Alright, any other time of the year I’m not much of a cider drinker. But like they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans. And when Rome is covered by Autumn foliage and the brisk wind of Fall, have a cider. But don’t just go for any run of the mill homemade cider, instead check out this list of award winning ciders that here for you today, will spice up your life and leave you with that delicious taste of Fall:

Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear Cider
This 100% pear juice, no additives, with a hint of blackberry, pear cider will leave you wondering why you haven’t drank adult pear juice before. Brewed in California only using West coast pears, Fox Barrel is not only one of the few breweries brewing up alcoholic pear juice, it is by far the best bottler of smooth-tasting pear juice.

Crispin “The Saint” Belgian Trappist Yeast and Maple Syrup Apple Cider
Crispin dares you to “be converted” to the apple cider revolution. Ahead of their game, Crispin puts a lot of technology into their ciders. Brewed with apple wine that has been fermented with trappist yeast and finished off with maple syrup, this drink won’t leave the same bitter taste that conventional apple ciders leave behind, instead expect the same smooth and savory pour that you get with traditional alcoholic beverages.

Woodchuck “Farmhouse Select” Original 91
“Crisp and refreshing because they’re made from apples, never woodchucks.” Woodchuck is undeniably one of the giants in the cider business. But they came from humble roots as well. So next time you are looking to indulge on some savory cider, skip the usual stuff on the shelf and reach for the Farmhouse Select series from Woodchuck. Guaranteed to give you the essential cider sensation. Ace Pumpkin Hard Cider
Just in time for the Halloween season, instead of smashing pumpkins, enjoy their taste in a cool, carbonated beverage. Oddly enough, made with fermented apple juice spiced with cinnamon, cloves, and allspice; this apple cider will make you reminiscent of grandma’s pumpkin pie. Couple it with a pumpkin carving party, and you’ll get the quintessential Halloween get together.

Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider
Brewed in Yorkshire, this cider’s ingredient list is shorter than this sentence. All organic, all delicious, and worth the try. If you enjoy the pure taste of apples and alcohol, this is the cider for you. A taste so simple and delicious, that you will think they just grabbed some apples from the backyard, squeezed them into the bottle, and let them ferment naturally. But trust me, a lot more goes into this straight to the point taste. Thistly Cross Original Ciders
Sparkling, Still, Traditional, or Whiskey Cask; Thistly Cross gives the cider connoisseur many options. Matured for 6 months from a blend of Scottish apples, these ciders are professionally crafted for your maximum enjoyment.  The bad news? You might have to get a little creative in procuring this one for they only ship within the UK, but that won’t stop any dedicated cider sampler.