6 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Outdoorsy Badasses

Some of the rock climbing, hunting, and fishing enthusiasts on our list may shock you, particularly since their roles on screen or stage aren’t always the most rough and tumble. Girls who climb mountains and boys who shoot guns are just a few of the outdoorsy “types” we’ve discovered but these superstars all have at least one thing in common: They are crazy about nature and their dedication to outdoor fitness and conservation might just inspire you.

Eliza Dushku
This buff beauty is fond of rock climbing and grew up in the outdoors getting dirty with her brothers. She also participates in triathlons which might account for her shredded physique.

Harrison Ford
You might have guessed that a man who played two of the biggest badasses in cinema ( Indiana Jones and Han Solo) is pretty awesome in his own right. Many know that Ford is a pilot but few are aware of his extensive work with environmental causes. As vice-chair of Conservation International and spokes person for restoring Yosemite National Park’s Hetch Hetchy valley, Ford dedicates a great deal of his time to ensuring that the great outdoors are preserved for future generations. When he’s not flying, Ford is also an avid hiker. Oh yeah, and did we mention that he also saves distressed hikers in his helicopter?

Patrick Dempsey
This Grey’s Anatomy star is an avid cyclist and rides for charity. He is friends with some big names in the sport, including Tom Danielson and even enjoys mountain biking. But his sports and outdoor enthusiasm doesn’t stop there. Dempsey is also an accomplished downhill skier and rock climber.

Jessica Biel
We never would have guessed that this gorgeous starlit has trekked up Kilimanjaro and is actually planning a trip to Everest. Jessica is also an avid triathlete and runs many of her races for charity.

Miranda Lambert
This country super-star is all glitz and glamour on the red carpet but she also dons camouflage and waders to go hunting and fishing with her rough-neck hubby, Blake Shelton.

Blake Shelton
Blake often comments about his fishing expeditions on “The Voice” but some are unaware that he’s also an accomplished hunter. He and his lovely wife, Miranda (also featured on our list) enjoy the thrill of hunting deer on their ranch in Oklahoma.

Bonus: Other outdoorsy celebrities that might surprise you? Al Gore climbed Mt. Rainier with his son back in 1999 and Tom Brokaw is a notable angler and conservationist. It was also rumored back in 2006 that Tom Cruise had his sights set on climbing Mt. Everest, though we were unable to dig up any actual proof that he went through with his plan. My, my, what a climb that would have been!

Sad that you didn’t see many skiers or boarders on this list?
Well, here are a few celebrity powder hunters just for you. They include Antonio Banderas, Prince William, and Woody Harrelson–though we cannot attest to their prowess on the slopes, we’re betting Woody is pretty damned good.