6 Best Ski Helmets this Year

The quest to find the right brain protector this year is an especially hard one. The choices seem endless and the differences between the brands all seem to melt together. We have a compiled a list of the best helmets for this ski season to help you find the best fit for your little noggin.

Receptor BUG Communication
Technologically superior in every way, this POC helmet is a pure piece of scientific genius. While it looks like it could have been made by NASA, this helmet is not only effective in safety, but also comes exclusively with Beats by Dr. Dre built into the neck roll. It is strong, sleek and ventilated, which only makes its compatibility for smart phone use, and heady beats even more gangster.

Lazer Sport’s Dissent
is an incredibly lightweight helmet that features safety with maximized comfort. The vents located around the helmet are adjustable, meaning that depending on the weather you can adjust airflow based on your needs. In addition the helmet has adjustable pads and lining, which means that it can be adjusted to perfectly fit your head. In addition, the strap is magnetic, which is an excellent safety feature. Lastly the visor on the front of the helmet is an exceptional means of protecting from excessive sun, fog, rain or snow.

Giro Edit Helmet
The Giro Edit Helmet
not only has a tough exterior with inside impact-absorbing foam, but it also has a built in camera mount. It is the lightest helmet that Giro has ever made, and is perfect for those who seek adventure and really big air. This helmet is perfect for those who want to take it to the limit this ski season, and those who want to film history in the making.

Anon Rodan Helmet
This Anon Rodan helmet is actually hard to find, perhaps because of its fleece interior lining, and warm ear pads. It is lightweight without losing the warm and cozy interior that many helmets like this do. It is built to be both sturdy, as well as functional in cold weather climates and back country skiing. It is the perfect all mountain choice for when you are not sure what will happen out there.

The Saloman Prophet
The Prophet Custom Air M. Douglas is a pro model helmet that is made for durability and ventilation. It is made for the skier who knows no bounds, crosses the rope and likes to hike to unchartered territory. It is meant for extreme wind, and other weather conditions and will last you for as long as you will let it. It has faux fur, ear pads, removable interior lining and a built in thermo system. It is the best of the best.

The Radical World Cup
Rossignol’s Radical World Cup helmet is known for two things: being wildly light and being an absolute perfect fit. The racer fit, covers your jawbone and down your cheeks which protects your face from wind and snow. It is perfect for those who like to whip down the mountain. It is light, which means it will not slow you down, nor get in your way, and it is fit so that you will barely feel it on. It is the perfect helmet for speed demons who do not like to wear helmets.