6 Amazing Hot Springs to Check Out This Winter

Looking to get out of the snow this winter? How about into a hot bath filled with natural spring water hovering around 125 degrees Fahrenheit? Well lucky for you there are many options in the United States to escape for the weekend and take a soak in a natural hot spring. Whether you’re looking for a resort, a state park, or a hidden gem of a hot spring; finding the closest one is only a Google click away. To get your search underway, here’s a sampling of 6 amazing hot springs to check out this winter:

Dunton Hot Springs – Dolores, Colorado
This restored ghost town hosts a wide variety of winter outdoor activities including back-country skiing, ice climbing, and ice skating; but their main attraction is still the hot springs. With six soaking locations including under the stars at the source or in the restored 19th century bathhouse, Dunton Hot Springs is a scenic getaway from the ordinary. Rates for the cabins are a bit steep, and most would say worth the price, and the entire facility city is available for total rent out to make for one of the best weddings or corporate outings imaginable.

Grover Hot Spring State Park – California
Located two and half hours north of Yosemite State Park, this campground and state park experience some serious winter conditions. But with a couple pools of hot spring water gushing through the ground, it might just make the snowy conditions bearable. If you’re looking to camp via tents, pack a warm sleeping bag (a warm everything for that matter), and if you’re going by RV, just make sure to bring the snow chains. Either way, call ahead because space is limited during the winter and they experience periodical closings across the calender.

Goldmyer Hot Springs – North Bend, Washington
This secluded hot spring is nestled into the deep wilderness north of North Bend, Washington. It is a running business ($15 entry fee), but one that runs with as minimum of an impact on the natural surroundings as possible. This means limited open air structures around the hot springs and a camping only ($5/night) overnight policy. Pack right for this one, you won’t find any heated rooms or water wings here. And with a total limit on the place of 20 people, reservations two weeks in advance are required.

Mystic Hot Springs – Monroe, Utah
This funky campsite and accommodations has everything a weary adventure needs to rejuvenate their spirits. With eight converted bathtubs that fill with naturally piping hot spring water, a shallow pool for leisurely soaks, and a deep pool for group immersion; the next best thing to the hot springs is the laid back attitude of the facility. Based upon an “artsy” business plan, their is plenty of tent camping (no reservations needed), a couple of cabins, or your can opt to “live like a hippie for the night” by staying in Mystic’s one of three converted school buses.

Lava Hot Springs – Lava Springs, Idaho
With the biggest pool on this list, a 20,000 gallon stone-lined pool to be exact, this is the hot spring to check out for more of a social atmosphere. And with a snow-melt system, heated changing rooms, and a canopy to catch the snowfall; there is a good reason for its popularity. Check it out year round, but its most scenic in the winter due to the massive amount of steam that rises from the water’s surface, enabling folks the comfort of anonymity during the crowded nights.

The Town of Truth or Consequences – New Mexico
Renamed after a 1950′s NBC radio show, this town was originally aptly named “Hot Springs”, and rightfully so. T or C has a number of hot spring options ranging from upscale spas to rundown RV parks. And besides the hot springs, the town offers a unique blend of local character, plenty of outdoor activities, and enough amenities to keep every style of camper pleased. Check out all the options on their webpage today.