5 Wet and Wild Water Sports

Too hot for your usual exercise and sport routines? As the summer heats up, let us recommend some of the most exciting and accessible water sports that are perfect for a new thrill and for keeping you cool. Grab your suntan lotion, bathing suit, and get ready for a wet and wild ride.

If You’re Bored, Get on a Board
A surfboard, that is. Surfing, though it does take some time and commitment to master, is an awesome sport requiring balance, concentration, and the willingness to get wet with some wacky waves. Not to mention, surfer guys and babes abound. That, alone, should be incentive enough.

Catch a Big One
Fishing is a relaxing sport that can be as physical as you wanna make it. Lazy fishing days can take place just sitting on a bank. Or, for a active experience, taking the boat out to some sweet spots or tube-floating will get your heart rate up. We highly recommend a swim after you’ve made your catch for the day.

Go Deep with Deep-water Soloing
Hands down, the sexiest of all water sports. Deep-water soloing is essentially rock climbing over water. No ropes. No harnesses. No problems. You can climb to your heart’s content and then splash around in some deep blue when you take a fall. We ask, what could be better?

Skip the Snow: Water and Jet Skiing
If you’re having a Tom Cruise moment and feel the need for speed, let us recommend jet and water skiing. These two fast and furious water sports will twist and turn you but keep you coming back for more. A Word to the Wise: Be sure to try these adventures with experienced boatmen/women and skiers since injuries and drownings are not uncommon for those who are new to the sports.

By Hope Gately