5 Ways to Get The Love of Your Life Outside for Valentine’s Day

If there is one question that baffles outdoorsmen, it is the question of how to get their ladies to enjoy the outdoors. Many folks are lucky to have such an outdoorsy partner, but some have to work a little harder. One obvious, but rarely practiced secret, is to bring romance to the outdoors. Here we present to you five ways to get the lady of your life outside for Valentine’s Day.

Scenic hike
Race her to the top and hype up the hike as if it’s a competition. Just kidding – that is a guaranteed way to have an awful date. Go at her pace. If she feels like it, stop to notice things from a new perspective. Use the time to pay attention to her wants and needs.

It’s incredible how people (men and women alike) lose sight of all discomfort when they’re resting in a hammock. Add cuddling to the mix and you have a recipe for a comfortable and romantic cure that will get your endorphins flowing like two teenagers sneaking out to make love. Further, cuddling may just help with depression.

Just like seeing your girl dressed up for a special occasion, women appreciate beauty in the same way. If you struggle to get your loved one into the ticks and grime, go out to watch the sunset instead.

Photo Shoot
This is perhaps the sneakiest way to get the lady of your life outside. Little will she realize that she’s outside because of the attention of the flashing lights. Bring her out to show just how much you appreciate her. Help her over and through obstacles. Make her laugh. She’ll be happy she left the house.

Lobster tails
A man with the YouTube psuedonym, sousaville, has figured out the answer for getting the love of your life to enjoy some snowshoeing: lobster tails. Don’t take my word for it; according to him, it works every time. If you’re feeling brave, you might try even adding some spice with some romantic music. If you do pull this off, make sure to upload to YouTube and send our way!