5 Reasons to Run a Marathon Overseas

Running while traveling generally involves a missed train, a connecting flight or a whole lot of angry bulls charging through the streets of Spain. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Signing up for a race while traveling can add a new dimension to your trip
and offer a unique way to explore a new place.It’s also a great way to meet locals and see parts of a city or village that you never would have stumbled across otherwise. If you’re looking to see a new side of the city of lights and meet some of its grungier locals, sign up for a marathon in Paris. If you’re hoping to explore Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, sign up for a mountain marathon and prepare for hours of quiet solitude as you run from village to village. Or maybe you just want to pig out on gelato and pasta guilt-free in Rome. Either way, throwing your running shoes in your suitcase is always a good idea.

Explore without getting lost
New cities are not always easy to negotiate and certain cities like Paris and Marrakech pretty much guarantee you will spend part of your trip looking at a map with a dazed expression on your face. Running a marathon is a great chance to see the city without having to worry about losing your way. And frankly, it’s the only time you’ll have locals standing on corners pointing you in the right direction.

Eat as much as you want
You can indulge in all of the country’s culinary delights without feeling too guilty. Bring on the Turkish ice cream, the French Camembert, the Italian cannoli, the fish and chips, and the dulce de leche. You just ran a marathon. Knock yourself out and order a third crème caramel or another round of Guinness.

Bragging Rights + Souvenir T-shirt
What better way to remember your trip by than with the souvenir t-shirt awarded to race participants? Whether you run a marathon in Paris or Florence, your new t-shirt is a great conversation starter and definitely a point of pride. You earned it.

Enjoy the Scenery
There is no way around it. Running is one of the best ways to enjoy the exceptionally beautiful cityscapes and countryside around the world. Stunning architecture, quirky neighborhoods, and incredible natural scenery will keep you running mile after mile. Whether you decide to run in Morocco, France, or Argentina, you won’t be disappointed.

Mingle with the Locals
Running alongside someone for 42 kilometers is a great way to get to know them. Practice your French, Italian, Spanish, or Russian and make some new friends while pushing yourself to the finish line.

By Nikki Hodgson