5 Places to Hang your Hammock In Vermont

By Carolyn Dean

Staff Writer

The state of Vermont may be small but packs major punch when it comes to all things outdoors. Vermont is most known for being dedicated to conserving the vitality of its people and land as well as being a leader in important environmental and human rights issues. But that’s not all the Vermont offers, the state is a treasure box of green mountains, deep forests and crystal blue lakes.  Here are 5 of the most stunning vistas that make it feel as if heaven is on earth.


1)     Lake Willoughby- located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont; Lake Willoughby is listed as a Natural National landmark that’s beauty is only truly attainable in person. Boarded by Mount Pisgah and Mount Hor, the Lake was created by glacier melting that cut through the surrounding mountains and carved out a deep basin that has become the lake we see today. The two hovering mountains, Pisgah and Hor create an unusual looking gap between the lake that is wonderfully inspiring to any onlooker.  There are many picnic areas that are perfect for hanging a hammock and doing some deep soul searching.


2)     Falls Of Lana- Bordering along Green Mountain National Forrest, this hidden gem will require a small hike to get to.  The Falls of Lana are a combination of beautiful waterfalls nestled in the forest that overlooks a spectacular view of Lake Dunmore and Fern Lake to the south below.  From this view, the eye can see as far as the Appalachian Mountains in New York State. After hiking the main trail along the river you will come along a bridge, once you have crossed the bridge continue following blazes to your left pass the campsites.  Here there are several amazing look out points to choose from and some amazing trees to hang a hammock from.  Come around dusk and you will see the most remarkable sunset of red and purple hues as night falls in the green mountains.


3)     Lake Champlain waterfront: Burlington is a hip, clean, vibrant city that sits on the east shore of Lake Champlain.  The lake divides northern Vermont from up state New York and is a hub for recreational fun.  Summer time is the perfect time to visit the shore that offers spectacular views of the Adirondack Mountains that frame the horizon line of the lake. But beware! Don’t forget to keep a watchful eye out for Champ, the infamous lake monster who’s been making appearances since 1609.


4)     Glen Lake- A local favorite, this lake offers a more quiet and secluded option to its big brother Lake Bomoseen.  The lake has restricted the size of boats and motors that are allowed to be on the water creating an ideal place for kayaking or canoeing.  There are many look out points to choose from, but a hidden favorite is reachable by taking a left off Moscow road (dirt road) onto the Glen Lake Block access road (you will want a truck or SUV). Follow the road almost to the end and on the left there will be a trail.  The trail follows out onto a slate lookout point that offers stunning views of this calm and peaceful marvel.


5)     Killington Peak- Known for being Vermont’s second highest Mountain and a major stop along the Appalachian Trail, this panoramic vista is a must see when traveling to the Green Mountain State.  The mountain is also home to Killington Ski Area and several hiking trails as well as an eco friendly Gondola.  The area encourages people to come and picnic at the summit where you will get the best view of the green to blue rolling mountains.