5 New Pairs of Skis that Will Change Your Life

While it may seem funny to be picky about the sticks you strap to your legs this winter, picking the right sticks makes all the difference. If you have ever rented skis for a day at a resort you know what we are talking about. While there are a variety of reasons certain shapes and features of skis are better than others, it is always fun to learn and ski the subtleties. In this years list of the best skis of 2012-2013, we will highlight skis for an assortment of qualities.

The Best Powder Skis
Worn by the legend himself, Tanner Hall, the Armada Magic J’s are an incredible pair of skis for big mountain type powder. The best skis to hit the snowy, fresh tracks of a big Vail Mountain back bowl, or the wide runs of Big Sky. The increased rigidity of these skis makes them a less typical powder ski that can be used to negotiate corners and quick turns as well as ski powder.

The Best Everyday Skis
Icelantic Gypsy – This ski is a bit on the heavier side, which makes it great for powder and flexible for skiing groomers. Great weight in this instance creates more command and power on skis. While they may not be the best skis to hike with (unless you are going for muscles) they are a fantastic everyday choice.

The Best Park Skis
The 4FRNT Switchblade, which even has a badass name, is the perfect pair of sticks to play around in the park in. The combination of the stiffness of a traditional camber ski and the flexed tip, makes it great for hitting rails. They are durable and lightweight which means that they are great fun, without looking battered.

The Best Half-Pipe Skis
The Volkl Wall is known for having a very stable and secure platform, which ensures a good landing. In addition these skis are full symmetric and have a narrow side cut which means they are great at conducting the power to soar off the half-pipe. They are easy to control based on their shape and are therefore the best of the new half-pipe skis.

The Best Speedy Skis
The Watea88 may be slightly less powder friendly than other pairs of skis, but they are built for speed. These bad boys have a wood block and carbon wrap core technology allows for exact control during great speeds. They are light, strong and fast and can conquer a variety of terrain. They are definitely meant for the speed demon.