5 Dangerous Places to Visit that are Worth the Risk

So they tell you not to go here or there…”it’s sooo dangerous,” “you WILL die if you go there.” Well, I say all the reason to go. A little bit of treacherous trekking is good for the soul and opens up doors to extraordinary cultures and natural landscapes untouched by heaps of tourism. So take the unbeaten path- just be safe and smart about it!

Oh Cuba, such a mystical country separated from the rest of the world. And it doesn’t help that American media bullies this quaint paradise, hiding a precious cultural jewel underneath. But then again, it does make it more exciting to visit. You will have to catch a connecting flight through another country, but tourists are welcomed in Cuba. Light up a Cuban cigar and hitch a ride in a 1950’s automobile to dance and lose yourself in the colorful culture, Caribbean charm and Latin spice.


Don’t be fooled by the lush rainforest and glimmering coasts of this country, as Brazil’s crime rate is pretty high up there, with a murder rate that makes the U.S. rate look like a paper cut.  Beware of “quicknappings” where victims are kidnapped for a short period of time freed only after a quick payoff exchange. Brazil isn’t alone, as many South American countries are plagued with poverty that jacks up the crime and gang activity.

Mount Everest
Mount Everest is a mythical Greek god- breathtaking and powerful yet utterly dangerous. It has been the source of legend, adventure, accomplishment and death for decades, with weather that seems to have a mind of its own. Experienced climbers venture to this infamous peak year after year, only to be smacked in the face by the grueling conditions. It is not uncommon to witness the frozen body of a poor soul on the climb up to first base.

Yes, the architecture and rich Eastern culture of this magnificent country is enough to skip through the streets with your camera, but slow it down- the Cold War may be long gone, but violent hate crimes are on the rise with skinhead groups targeting ethnic tourists. Political unrest is abundant in some southern states, and even the police have been known to harass tourists.

This Caribbean gem has gotten quite the reputation as one of the poorest, least developed countries in the world with a serious abundance of crime and violence ranging from carjacking to murder, kidnapping and robbery. Usually the terror is kept between island inhabitants, but tourists have been targeted in the past as well. Just keep in mind that though traveling here may be a bit nerve racking, this country boasts some of the most pristine, untouched beaches in all of the Caribbean.