5 Award-Winning 2013-14 Boards We Can’t Wait to Demo

Last month, Transworld announced the winners of the 2013-14 Good Wood Snowboard Test, an annual ritual (now in its 15th year) that recognizes the most promising men’s and women’s snowboards leading up to the winter season. This year’s winner’s circle was an eclectic group, to say the least; here are some of our favorites from the lineup.

GNU Billy Goat (Men’s All Terrain)
When someone like freestyle icon Temple Cummins designs a board, we should all take notice. The four-time Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom champion knows a thing or two about making tight turns, and the design he’s crafted ― aggressive cambers separated by a shallow rocker ― reflects this expertise. It’s also great as an all-terrain board, thanks to serrated edges that aid icy turns and a thin polymer cover to help the board navigate through wet snow. This board is currently priced at $539.95.

Lib Tech TRS Narrows (Women’s All Mountain)
Lib Tech produces some excellent boards for male riders ― the ‘Burnter Box Scratcher’ also picked up Good Wood honors in the Men’s Park category ― but arguably their most anticipated board of the 2013-14 season is this model from the Total Ripper Series (TRS) that is strictly for the ladies. The XC2 BTX design ― which utilizes a relatively short Banana rocker and longer cambers ― improves overall stability and allows for some serious carving. It’s a fitting female counterpart to the GNU Billy Goat. This board is currently priced at $565.

Smokin Vixen (Women’s Park)
This board has won multiple Good Wood awards in recent years, and the 2014 model has kept the streak alive. The Vixen’s signature Clash Rocker (which features a subtle transition between the rocker and cambers), twin tip shape, and Magne-Traction contact points positioned along the edge effectively disperse the rider’s weight across the length of the board, providing control and flexibility in equal measure. Other features, such as triple-layered dampening and super-durable sintered base, only add to the appeal. This board is currently priced at $479.99.

Stepchild FTW and Stepchild Latchkey Camber (Men’s Park)
Stepchild took home two Wood Good awards in the Men’s Park category, and we couldn’t choose between either board so we’re recommending both. FTW features a light bamboo core, reverse camber design, and dimpled base to help maintain the rider’s momentum regardless of terrain. In contrast, Latchkey Camber is rendered from poplar to provide more flex, while fiberglass plates cushion the bindings and help prevent blowouts. The FTW is currently priced at $451, while the Latchkey Camber is currently priced at $329.