5 Adventures that Make You a Bonafide Badass

The Great Outdoors and Planet Earth Proper is chocker-bock full of heart-stopping adventures ready to be had at every turn. Many of those pulse pumping undertakings have become somewhat cliché (like skydiving or running with the bulls); however, we’ve comprised a list of activities that are not only too kickass to be cliché but will also have you scrambling to scribble them down on your outdoor bucket list…that is, if you dare.

The Narrows of Zion National Park
Zion National Park is, in and of itself, enough of an entry on your bucket list. But if you’re gonna visit what is, without argument, one of the most beautiful places on our lush planet, you best be doing something epic while you’re there. That’s where The Narrows come into play. This trek is more than a hike, it’s 16 miles of wading through the treacherous waters of a canyon. This adventure takes stamina, physical fitness, and the determination to make it through. Views along the way and the feeling of accomplishment at the end make the dampness and fatigue well worth it.

Kayaking in Alaska
Guided tours are the way to go for those of you who are less experienced in the kayaking arena. However, for those of you who are knowledgeable and up for a challenge, plan your own route. The ice, wildlife, and seeing one of America’s truly wild places is sure to be the trip of a lifetime.

Hiking the Colorado Trail
This stretch of rugged yet beautiful terrain runs from Denver to Durango and is over 500 miles long. Hiking the entire trail typically takes 4-6 weeks and would be a wonderful honeymoon, graduation trip, or retirement celebration.

Summiting Annapurna
If this goes on your bucket list, you best put it toward the bottom because it may very well be the last thing you ever do. For experienced climbers and mountaineers only, Annapurna has a 38% fatality-to-summit ratio and if considered, by many, it be the most difficult and dangerous mountain in the world. Many less experienced mountaineers go for Everest, but those who truly want to test their metal against nature and rock view Annapurna as the crowning achievement.

Live, Work, and Adventure in Another Country
This may seem simple enough but having the cohunes to actually secure employment and housing in another part of the world, move there, and explore is something that takes a great deal of confidence, courage, and personal strength. Living for a stretch of time in a country that’s not your own can be challenging to say the least and will test every part of you: your cultural ideals, your views on foreign policy, and, perhaps even the stronghold of views you have about yourself. Consider teaching abroad, working in the healthcare industry, volunteering, or studying. There is no limit to the options available if you have the determination to get the ball rolling and take the necessary steps.

So get out your bucket list, start doing your research, and make your life spectacular with these unforgettable adventures of a lifetime!

By Hope Gately