4 Reasons Why Women Love an Outdoorsy Man

First of all, cramming all of the sexy, sleek, raw, manly awesomeness that encompasses Outdoor Men into a mere four reasons why we gals love and swoon over them wasn’t easy, but somehow it was managed. Not to mention, we did the legwork: taking some polls and reading up on the hard science. So listen up as we explain the bare basics of why the gals can’t get enough of the Grizzly Adams type.

Deep Down, We All Love a Caveman
According to this Psychology Today article, women want their men to be caring but they also want their man to embody “caveman-like” qualities; such as the ability to fight, protect and being resourceful. That being said, an Outdoorsman can exhibit these attributes easily, perhaps by building a fire for his lady and cooking game that he, himself, procured either by hunting or fishing. Not to mention, being outdoorsy gives you a rockin’ strong body, suggesting to your lady that, when push comes to shove, you’ve got her back.

Need more proof? Take note of the recent Manly Men Reality TV phenomenon: Bear Grylls, Mike Rowe, and many of the characters seen on The Deadliest Catch are all outdoorsy, rugged, work with their hands, and make the ladies swoon. Shows like Dirty Jobs and Man vs. Wild are popular for a reason, and it’s not just the men watching.

Following the Leader
This just in: Women like men who are leaders! Shocking, we know. Most women don’t want to lead all of the time and, instead, prefer a man who can balance a checkbook, pick a spot for dinner without asking her twenty times, and help her navigate tricky life situations. Lucky for outdoorsmen, the fact that you can read a map, plan a backpacking adventure, and organize that epic climbing trip you and your friends have been chomping at the bit to go on shows women that you can lead, organize, and execute. This is not only sexy but it helps a woman to relax around you because she doesn’t have to constantly worry about what to say or do next. You’ve got everything covered and she digs that about you. Don’t believe us? Check out this article from AskMen.

It’s All About the Beard
Perhaps it’s just a current trend or stereotype, but many outdoorsy men tend to rock heavy stubble or grow phenomenal beards. If you’re one of these bearded boys then we’re happy to tell you that YOU’RE DOING IT RIGHT – according to this article in the Huffington Post which gives the cold science behind why women prefer the scruff. Apparently, if your beard could talk it would say this to a woman:

“Hey Girl, I’d make an awesome father and could totally protect our offspring. Your mountain lodge or mine?”

Not convinced? Check out this tongue-in-cheek blog claiming that everyone looks Better with a Beard.

The Nose Knows
Scientific studies like this one show that we women folk are attracted to male scents that contain more testosterone and are genetically different than their own, thus insuring the health of offspring. That being said, when a man is outdoorsy or generally athletic he will sweat more (duh), thus giving ladies the opportunity to get of whiff of his manly musk. Flannel drenched in Man Scent?! Yes, please!

In the End, it Boils Down to the Bedroom
A man who is strong, works well with his hands, and adept at survival comes off as a more competent lover. Period. We polled several gals and, hands down, each woman explained that a large part of an outdoorsman’s appeal is his apparent physical prowess in the sack. Though there may not be hard science to back this (yet) the women have spoken. Still need just a little science? This study suggests that women prefer more “manly” men when they’re ovulating. Though this may not mean wedding bells, according to the science, it could mean more one-night-stands and sexual partners for outdoorsmen. And if that’s not enough of a reason to get outside and hone your survival skills, then we don’t know what is.

By Hope Gately