3 of the Highest Cliff Jumpers in Ski History

Launching off a cliff with a pair of skis strapped to your feet is one of the most adrenaline-filled and amazing feelings that this world has to offer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 10-foot jump or a 60-foot cliff, soaring through the air with only snow beneath you is an unforgettable experience. Many people push themselves to the limit trying to impress their friends and themselves as to how high they are able to ‘huck a cliff.’ Here is a list of famous hucks that take this pleasurable experience to an utterly insane level!

Fred Syversen – 352 Feet
The thought of hurling your body off a 352 sheer face of rock with only a pair of skis strapped to your feet sounds absolutely suicidal. When a Norweigan man named Fred Syversen was filming a ski movie up in up in an area called Tamokdalen of his home country, he accidently jumped off the highest cliff ever recorded by a skier. The crazy part is that it was completely incidental as he merely got mixed up in his line and jumped in the wrong place. He landed without injury and the entire thing was caught on tape!

Jaime Pierre – 255 Feet
What makes this cliff jump possibly even crazier than the last was that Jaime Pierre actually intended to hurl his body off a 255-foot cliff with no parachute and only a pair of skis. It’s estimated that Jaime almost reached terminal velocity on his freefall when breaking the ski cliff jump record at that time. He only suffered a cut lip from the crazy endeavor, but ironically it occurred during the rescue not even from the jump itself. Jaime made a 12-foot deep bomb-hole upon landing and during the mission to dig him out he was accidently struck in the lip by a shovel. One of the biggest risks with a jump of this wild height is that it’s literally possible for skier’s internal organs to burst upon impact at such high speeds. Jaime is very lucky to have survived the big drop, because in the air he slowly rotated into a position where he landed on his head.

Julian Carr – 210 Feet
This famous skier has spent copious amounts of time combing the globe for the best snow and ski features available to the sport. From South America to Europe he has conquered some of the gnarliest mountains this world has to offer. Although he is well known to talk up his abilities, no one could have expected the record that Julian would eventually set. Not only did he huck his carcass off a massive 210-foot cliff, but he proceeded to do a flip off of it. This wild act set him a place in history as achieving the highest invert of all time. A true daredevil Mr. Carr often hints that one day he will attempt to break the current record held by Fred Syversen.

By Alex Vere Nicoll