2014 Splitboard Roundup

Each year more and more people are discovering the allure that comes with splitboarding.  The ability to turn your board into an uphill propulsion vehicle allows you to go anywhere on snow without the need of a chairlift or snowmobile. The quiet air, great exercise, and unlimited powder create the conditions for the hottest new winter pastime

Each year more companies are offering splitboards to their lineup, and whether a boutique business out of the garage or a huge company adding to their quiver, there are good ones and not-so-good ones.  Some boards are stiff, others are stiffer.  Some are geared toward an expert rider, and others are more intermediate.  To help you wade through the bog of difficult (and expensive) decisions, we decided to showcase our favorite boards this year.

SIZES (cm): 159, 163 Burton was a bit late to the splitboard game, but they did not waste any time creating a board that rises to the top.  There are more stance options than you know what to do with, allowing you to create your perfect setup.  At $800, it’s priced at the more reasonable end of the snowboard spectrum.

SIZES (cm): 153, 160, 165 WEIGHT: 7 lbs. 3 oz. (160) This board is stiffer than others, which allows you to charge at high speeds and stomp huge cliffs with ease.

SIZES (cm): 152, 155 WEIGHT: 6 lbs. 11 oz. (152) This is a great board for tight trees and navigating sketchy rockpiles.  It’s extremely versatile, handling everything you throw at it.  If you are looking for an all mountain board that will keep you challenged, This is probably the board you want.

SIZES (cm): 154, 158, 161, 163W, 164, 168W WEIGHT: 7 lbs. 6 oz. (161) This board can charge at high speed yet is light enough to keep you skinning up without wearing yourself out as easily as heavier options.  If it has Jeremy Jones’ blessing, you can be assured it will be a quality ride.

SIZES (cm): 152 WEIGHT: 6 lbs. 2 oz. (152) This is the most modestly-priced option.  It is a great board for the big, floaty, open fields. Not necessarily a technical board, but one that is well-suited for the open powder fields.

SIZES (cm): 160, 164, 161X, 167X  WEIGHT: 7 lbs. 10 oz. (164) This one is definitely our favorite all around board.  The engineers for this got it right.  It’s a bit pricier, but like an expensive car, sometimes it’s good to splurge.  And since splitboards have a much longer lifetime than regular boards, it will be one that will last forever if you take care of it.

SIZES (cm): 166, 172 WEIGHT: 6 lbs. 15 oz. (166, XTC) Handmade in Whistler BC, Prior Snowboards are one of the original splitboard manufacturers.  This board shows their years of perfecting the craft.  Fissile is a mountain near Whistler but I wouldn’t be surprised that they wanted the board to rhyme with “missile” which is how it acts.  It will cut through crud, glide through fresh, and always keep you pointed down for maximum speed and fun.