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AskMen: Top 25 Christmas Gifts For Him

Ask Men

Considering their authority as the number one men's entertainment publication on the web, AskMen knows a thing or two about stuff that guys want, "even if they don't know it exists yet." The editors validate this point with the inclusion of Wenger's Sport Glasses in their Top 25 Christmas Gifts For Him shopping guide.

Sport GlassesSport Glasses
Few things in guydom are more timeless than the Swiss Army knives built by Wenger and Victorinox. The former recently expanded its lineup to include sunglasses. While they won’t cut twine or pop a beer, they will protect the eyes in style and comfort. Full Review

Sport GlassesSo if you were previously unaware of the existence of Wenger's custom fit, sport-specific lenses and optimal vision framed Sport Glasses, you can now consider yourself well-educated. Learn More
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