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American Hiking Society

American Hiking SocietyFor the last three decades, American Hiking Society has been at the forefront protecting the nation’s trails and the hiking experience. Hiking our nation’s trails offers Americans boundless opportunities to enjoy nature, renew themselves and establish a lifetime of fitness. American Hiking Society works toward ensuring that hiking trails and natural places are cherished and preserved for us and for future generations as well.

Wenger is proud to announce its new partnership with American Hiking Society. As a corporate sponsor, Wenger joins other leading outdoor manufacturers and retailers in supporting AHS’ efforts to promote and protect America’s hiking trails, their surrounding natural areas, and the hiking experience.

To further the American Hiking Society's efforts, Wenger will donate $20 from every sale of the American Hiking Society Swiss Army Knife, so that they may continue their work in providing critical resources to plan, fund and develop foot trails throughout America.

“Wenger has been supplying knives to the Swiss army for more than 100 years, and we are proud to have our name associated with such an iconic company,” commented Gregory Miller, President of American Hiking Society.  “In fact, we are especially excited that Wenger is celebrating our relationship by imprinting our logo on one of its high-quality knives, enabling our members to show their hiker pride while simultaneously boosting their preparedness for outdoor adventures.”

Join American Hiking Society. Be a trail volunteer. Protect and enjoy nature. Hike.

American Hiking Society News

American Hiking Society News - April 2012
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