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2013 New Watch

BaselworldWenger proudly announces the launch of its 2013 watch line at the Baselworld Fair. Staying true to the company’s core values of exceptional functionality and Swiss craftsmanship, the new line is accented with a blend of aesthetically pleasing elements that make each watch not only a great looking accessory, but also a highly functional timepiece. One of Wenger’s most diverse and impressive collections, the 2013 line boasts new chronograph editions of two of our most beloved watch series: the Sea Force Chrono and the Terragraph Chrono. We would also like to introduce you to the newest member of the Squadron family, the Squadron Lady series; women's timepieces worn by professionals and civilians. Finally, our Platoon series has been built upon tried-and-true dependability, and is always ready for action.

Sea Force Chrono Series

Sea Force Chrono 0643.103          Sea Force Chrono 0643.104          Sea Force Chrono 0643.101
           Sea Force Chrono                              Sea Force Chrono                               Sea Force Chrono
Sea Force Chrono 0643.102          Sea Force Chrono 0643.105         
           Sea Force Chrono                              Sea Force Chrono                              

Terragraph Chrono 0543.103          Terragraph Chrono 0543.104          Terragraph Chrono 0543.101
         Terragraph Chrono                              Terragraph Chrono                           Terragraph Chrono
Terragraph Chrono 0543.102          Terragraph Chrono 0543.105         
         Terragraph Chrono                              Terragraph Chrono 0543.105                              

Squadron Lady Series
Squadron Lady 0121.102                 Squadron Lady 0121.104                 Squadron Lady 0121.101
              Squadron Lady                              Squadron Lady                                  Squadron Lady

Squadron Lady 0121.103                 Squadron Lady 0121.105                 Squadron Lady 0121.106
              Squadron Lady                              Squadron Lady                                   Squadron Lady

Platoon Series

               Platoon 0941.104                               Platoon 0921.104                                   Platoon 0941.103
               Platoon                              Platoon                                   Platoon

               Platoon 0941.102                               Platoon 0921.103                                   Platoon 0921.101
               Platoon                              Platoon                                   Platoon

               Platoon 0941.101                               Platoon 0921.102                              
               Platoon                              Platoon                              

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